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Colonel Stan Jordan, USA (Ret.)

Colonel Stan Jordan, USA (Ret.), Jacksonville, FL, Duval County School Board Member, District 1

Dear Mr. Chairman and Members of the House of Representatives:

My name is Stan Jordan.  I am a retired Colonel of the United States Army.  I had the pleasure of serving as an Army Aviator and the military gave me one of the finest educational opportunities available.  I am currently a member of the Duval County School Board where I serve as military liaison for our community.  During the past eight years I served in the Florida House of Representatives; of which six years I served as Chairman of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

As Chairman of the Committee we worked very closely with the United States Congress to better serve the Veteran community.  A few examples are the additional Veteran homes in our State and the establishment of a National Veterans Cemetery in Jacksonville. 

My testimony will not include asking for anything for these are times where leadership is tested for the level of creativity in the challenge of doing more with less.  Let me share a few examples of how we continue to salute, honor and serve our Veterans at no cost to the taxpayers.

  1. I had the privilege of sponsoring legislation to create military license plates whereby $25.00 extra is paid for the license plate.  A copy of my final report to the community as a Member of the House of Representatives is attached so you can see the distinctive and creative design of our military license plates.  They are well accepted by the military members, families and supporters.  The State of Florida has raised millions of dollars for our Veteran homes from this project.
  2. Annually the Florida House of Representatives sponsors Military Appreciation Day where all who have served and are serving are honored.  On page 2 of the Newsletter you can see a sample of the programs provided.  You can also go to and see a video of the entire military presentation.  The Florida Channel shows these programs Statewide in their entirety every 4th of July and on November 11th as an ongoing salute to the Military.  This military salute lives on at no cost to the taxpayers and is an inspirational, dignified example of what you can do by simply being creative.
  3. As a School Board Member, just two weeks ago I sponsored and the Board passed a provision to give WWII and Korean conflict Veterans a High School Diploma if they did not get one during their years of service.  We further provided that they can go to the High School Graduation of their choice and walk across the stage or come to our televised School Board Meeting to receive their diploma.  Again, a no cost provision for our Veterans which involves only a little bit of thank you time.

The above suggestions can be carried out by all communities and States to continue raising the level of respect and honor those who have served with courage, sacrifice and dignity.  Thank you.  I remain,

Respectfully yours.

[The attachment is being retained in the Committee files.]