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VA Accountability Act Moves to House Floor

Jul 16, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Jeff Miller made an impassioned speech about VA’s ongoing lack of accountability and widespread mismanagement at the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs markup of H.R. 1994, the VA Accountability Act of 2015. The bill passed the committee yesterday 14 – 10:


“This committee will continue its oversight, we will continue to try to direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to do their job. And I will tell you, in many instances they are failing and continuing to fail… The veterans deserve better. The status quo doesn’t work. Are you going to stand with the veterans or the bureaucrats? I know where your hearts are – it’s with the veterans, and of course it’s with the employees and the people. But there are some rotten people that work in the department that need to be fired, not protected.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs


Watch the full speech here

Today, Leader Kevin McCarthy announced a scheduled vote on the VA Accountability Act in the U.S. House of Representatives in the last week of July:


“When it comes to the VA, care for the veteran should come first. For years this Administration has failed to hold executive agencies accountable, and in the VA that has had dire consequences. The House Committee on Veterans Affairs has been doing good work, and this bill is another step toward providing the care that our veterans deserve. To continue this progress, the House will vote on the VA Accountability Act in the last week of July.” – Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader


“The problems at the VA are deeply rooted at every level of this obsolete government model, and it’s failing veterans with long wait times, insufficient care, and unresponsive management.  Our veterans sacrificed so much in defense to protect America.  When they return home, they shouldn’t be stuck waiting in line for months or years just to see their doctor.  VA officials at any level should be held accountable and, if necessary, be fired.  Until the VA starts serving veterans first and themselves second, our vision to establish a 21st Century VA that can deliver the best care in the world is only a hallucination.  I applaud the work of Chairman Jeff Miller and the Veterans Affairs Committee to make this vote possible.” – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republican Conference Chair


Speaker John Boehner’s office announced support for the VA Accountability Act that will root out the bureaucrats who are failing our veterans to make room for dedicated public servants who will get the job done, here.

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