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Hon. Corrine Brown

Hon. Corrine Brown, Democratic Member

Mr. Chairman, I appreciate you holding this hearing on the VA’s performance and accountability during the 112th Congress. 

I look forward to finding out from the VA the progress it has made in addressing concerns raised by this Committee.  I also look forward to hearing from the Deputy Secretary how, in his view, the VA has become able to meet its responsibilities to provide health care and benefits to our veterans.

I believe this is an important point that we should not forget: for all the faults we find with how the VA operates, at the end of the day it is providing services and benefits to millions of veterans and their families.  Because the VA generally does a good job, it makes it even more important that it proactively address problems that arise the hinder the VA’s ability to assist veterans.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that our role is to provide needed oversight to the VA.  In the final analysis, we are all in this together, working hard to take care of our veterans.

So I look forward to the Deputy Secretary’s update on how the oversight concerns raised by this committee have been addressed, how the VA is better today than it was yesterday, and what improvements and actions we should look forward to in the future.